Some words about us

Bay Island Golden Tours was born out of a desire, by its founder and staff, to provide visitors to the Island of Roatan with a distinctive and unmatchable experience. At B.I.G Tours we believe that travelers should not only experience the popular and crowded areas of Roatan Island, but also the unique and less visited places that inspire and awakens the since of adventure coupled with a deeper understanding of Roatan`s colorful Afro- Latin Caribbean culture and traditions.

Our Mision

BAY ISLAND GOLDEN TOURS (B.I.G. TOURS) is a company created with the mission to offer tourists visiting the Island of Roatan the most amazing, exciting and unforgettable experience while sharing our knowledge of Roatan’s history, culture and tradition.

Our primary goal is not only to provide our guests with the best that Roatan has to offer, but to also forge and sustain a long-term relationship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the best tour company on the Island of Roatan by 2017.